In A New Place

The Happenings of Moving to a New City:

  • Leave the house on an errand run thinking “Ok, I’m gonna go explore and learn my new place!” but only getting exactly what you need from the store then rushing home because you don’t know where you are.
  • Take the dog for a walk around the block, making the walk short by taking all of the lefts because you don’t want to get lost.
  • Run errands to places you know how to get to but miss turns and take it as an opportunity to learn the neighborhood, because, Hey, you live here now and might as well learn the neighborhoods.
  • Spend at least twice as long (possibly three or four times) in the grocery store as normal trying to find your basic staples because you aren’t familiar with this one.
  • Take time to look at all of the architecture around and spend more time looking up than you normally spend because right now, it’s novel.

Have you moved recently?Β  I find that, even though I travel quite a bit, moving still pulls out different actions and mental processes in me than just visiting a place does.

6 thoughts on “In A New Place

  1. Just the angst in a new food store alone.. (Where the Hell’s the granola! Lol). As long as you find home, you win. Enjoy exploring and discovering in your new surroundings. πŸ™‚

    1. Haha right? It’s amazing how even chain grocery stores have everything in “weird” places compared to what I’m used to. So far its fun though, and I’ve got my fun camera to assist in documentation!

  2. Tell me about it! We moved from Wisconsin to the East Bay area of San Francisco in July…and in a few weeks, we’re moving from the East Bay to the Peninsula so I have to learn all over again. I still haven’t figured out the grocery store and now we’re leaving. Again. And I have to learn to drive in a big city whether I want to or not. We were a little bit isolated in the East Bay but the Peninsula is a whole different story…

    I have to remember not to look up so much while driving. Maybe that’s why there are so many car collisions around here.

  3. Haha, I totally cut trips short because everything looks so weird outside and I don’t want to get lost! Also, do you ever feel like after you revisit a place a week later, it looks completely different than the first time? Or you stumble upon a really cool place but totally have no clue where it is or how to get there again? Ya… new places are scary fun πŸ™‚

    1. Haha exactly! Even though I felt like I visited frequently and knew the city well, as soon as I moved it seems like everything’s changed! Can’t imagine it’ll be anything like Nepal though……and I expect a full scoop on the why’s and how’s of that trip missy!

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