Christmas Gift Round Up 3: Seasoned Salt

My older brother has been the recipient of many hats so this year I wanted to make him something different.  I wanted it to remain functional but something unique.

I settled on Southwestern Seasoned Salt.  They live in Albuquerque, love delicious food and this seemed like the perfect gift.IMG_7017

There are a lot of recipes online for making seasoned salt but I just made up my own…hopefully they like it!

More gift round ups coming, a lot of gifts were made this year.

2013: The Year of Progress

Happy New Year!

Instead of making resolutions this year like I sometimes do, I’m declaring a word that will encompass the year and my efforts during it.  I wanted a word that could easily be applied to my business life, personal life and everything in between.  A word that wasn’t terribly subjective but was motivating, a good reminder of what I should strive for.???????????????????????????????

2013 is the Year of Progress and I’m looking forward to all of it!

Did you set resolutions this year?  What are you most excited for in the coming months?