Out in the World

I just wanted to share with you guys today my little inclusion in the latest Yarnwise Magazine!

My Bearded Viking Helmet was included in their Indie Patterns section with some fabulous company and I am totally thrilled!

I haven’t been able to find a copy of the magazine in my new state, but if you’ve seen it check out pages 56 and 57 to see some Strange Knits.

Yarnwise is a UK based magazine, but even if you’re in the states that can be found in some retailers that sell magazines along with Twitter and Facebook.

Giveaway Winner!

I want to thank everyone who entered my latest giveaway!  I really enjoy running these and am not quite sure why I don’t do them more often…I’ll try to have them more frequently 😀IMG_7456

Without further distraction, the winner is Kate!  I’ll be sending you an email shortly to get your address!

Again, thank you all for entering and I promise to be back tomorrow with something knitterly 🙂

It’s Friday!

Yesterday we woke to a little bit of snow outside, a rarity in Albuquerque, and while I’m ready for warm, colorful weather, the snow was a pretty thing to see.IMG_7618

While taking pictures of the snow in the backyard, I also snuck a few of my studio, or at least the window furnishings (and maybe a coming design on my dress form).IMG_7627

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to enter my giveaway! Today’s the last day!

WIP Wednesday: More Stuff I Can’t Really Show You

Happy Wednesday!  It’s been a productive week around these parts what with a pattern release on Monday and the Giveaway ending on Friday (don’t forget to enter), and all the seekrit stuff happening too.IMG_7566

I’m working on a few designs for an upcoming collection right now so I can’t show too much (not that I have too much to show currently) but I can tell you that it’s a fun process!IMG_7565

Linking up with Tami, as usual!  What are you working on this week?

New Pattern: Fresh Chroma Slouch

I have a new pattern for you all today!  Let me introduce the colorful, the cozy, the quick: Fresh Chroma!IMG_7414

Winter is about to that point where the grey and dreary days are getting old, I want color and new life but while the weather can’t get me that yet, my yarns certainly can.  IMG_7413

Using just about half a skein of Malabrigo’s new Rastita yarn in each of the bright colorways, this hat is a great one for a quick, satisfying project. There are so many great colors to choose from, I think a more muted palette would look fantastic too!  And did I mention how incredibly soft this yarn is? I want to sleep with it (not in a gross way, just a I-want-all-the-yarn-cuddles kind of way).IMG_7411

The stranded color work comes with a simple chart and would be great practice for someone just dipping their toes into the color world but wouldn’t bore experienced color workers either.  IMG_7415

More details can be found on Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy!

New Updates to Old Patterns

The past few days I’ve been learning a new program and making a new pattern template and style sheet.  All of my old patterns have been re-done with the new template, charts have been reworked, words have been slightly changed.  Nothing has been dramatically altered, you’re still able to make the same project, it just all makes more sense now, and we want patterns to make sense yea?Pattern overview

Now they’re more user-friendly, more consistent and pretty too!

Both the Craftsy and Ravelry shops have been updated with these new editions, so if you have an old one feel free to “upgrade” and if you haven’t tried one yet, please do!


Remember last fall when I had so much knitting going on behind the scenes that I couldn’t show you?  Finally one of those garments has been released!

I knit the sample Chandra in ShibaGuyz’ latest Moonstruck book!  The yarn was from Mango Moon’s Nirvana and although winding it into cakes was a headache, the actual knitting was really nice.  I love the colors and the texture, the uniqueness of each skein is due to it’s handspun nature and it makes the finished piece one of a kind.DSCN0402

The sweater is gorgeous, drapey easy to wear, beautiful on a variety of shapes and sizes and was a pleasure to knit while visiting Rhinebeck, traveling, and decompressing.

Giveaway Time!

I’ve been in my new headquarters for a month now, am finally unpacking the rest of the boxes as the office is *finally* finished (pictures will come, I promise) and I think it’s about time for a giveaway on the blog, don’t you?

Knitting is a huge part of my life (obviously) and I imagine fiber arts are at least a small part of yours too, that’s what I want this giveaway to be centered on!  I want to know all the little bits and pieces of how and why you enjoy the fiber arts, what you like to create, where, when, why.

The prize will be a copy of Natural Dying, 5 balls of Argyll Chameleon Mohair yarn and quite probably some extra, surprise goodies 😉IMG_7456

Deadline: Giveaway will end on February 22, 2013 and the winner will be announced the following week.

How to enter:

  • Comment on this post telling me your favorite sorts of things to knit!  Do you like sweaters? Hats? Blankets?  Do you prefer intarsia or lace or garter stitch over any other process?
  • Tweet about it linking to this post and tagging me (@sillylittlelady)
  • Like my Facebook Page
  • Join my Ravelry Group
  • Sign up for my Newsletter

You certainly don’t have to do all of these things to enter the giveaway, just let me know which ones you do choose to do and I’ll put all entries in a spreadsheet and the winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

FO Friday: Braided Slouch

I finished my second Braided Slouch shortly after the cruise we took on Sunday and I’m totally in love with it!  I love the color, first and foremost, but I love the drape and the weight, it sits perfectly on my long, straight hair.  I find that I look best in slouchy hats, they don’t give me as much hat hair, if I wear them all day, and because I have bangs it prevents them from getting squished over my eyes or tucked and odd-looking post-wear.IMG_7433

This hat was fun to knit a second time around, and even with sock yarn and smaller needles, it seems like it flew off!  IMG_7434

Linking up with Tami, as usual!  What did you finish this week?  Are there any patterns that you like to knit over and over again?