FO Friday: Finally Found My Way

This shawl, man, this shawl took some time and persistence.  IMG_7343

I started working on the design over a year ago after chatting with Tina and combining some of our ideas.  The shawl was released as a Mystery KAL last fall and that was not without hiccups (for which I am forever embarrassed) and I’ve knit and reknit this shawl twice in it’s entirety with many inches additionally frogged and reknit (those were mostly designer-errors, thinking “I know the pattern and therefor don’t actually have to read.” ha. learned my lesson on that one).

look at those points, aren't they fabulous?
look at those points, aren’t they fabulous?

After the shawl has been blocked and the stitches are playing nicely, I’m loving the fabric even more.  I’ll probably wear this as a bulky, drapey scarf when going out casually, but it would also look great over a little black dress.  IMG_7355

It’s so pretty, it even makes an awesome shadow.IMG_7362

Linking up with Tami!  What have you worked on this week?

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