Happy Lives, Sad Days

This past Saturday my Mom had to make the difficult decision between allowing a member of our family to end his suffering or to indulge our own selfish desires to keep him with us.  My dog stayed with them after I left for college and then remained with them to be a companion for our former collie whose ashes now grace our mantel.  DSCF0778.2

Charlie certainly had an attitude and he was very intelligent.  He knew exactly how to be a “good” dog, but refused to take part.  He’d lay with his back to you, wouldn’t seek attention, definitely wouldn’t give affection and gave off the impression that he didn’t need anyone but himself.


He was with us for 13 years and got me through some very difficult adolescent times.  His ashes will sit next to his brother’s, his back turned, of course. 100_0066.2

Charlie had a great life, and his life touched all of ours, he’s fulfilled his purpose and has moved on to a pain-free stage.  His pictures and memories will remind us of his “I don’t need you” attitude and his ridiculously cute, totally over-sized ears and the way his whole body moved when his tail wagged.

8 thoughts on “Happy Lives, Sad Days

  1. There were several times in the past ~18 months where Charlie actually looked for attention and let us pet him. Early stages of senility

  2. I’m so sorry! Abby is 13 and I’m not looking forward to the day when we have to make that decision. It will probably get here sooner than we think.

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