A Sunday Cruise

I know it’s not Sunday, but the WIPs that I have right now I can’t show you (except for this picture….sorta).DSCN1688

This past Sunday my guy and I went with some other folks for a cruise through the El Malpais Conservation Area to a little town called Pie Town.  DSCN1689There were about 20 cars in our troupe, so stopping for gas or at the Good Pie Cafe generated a fair amount of interest from passersby (most of the cars had also been enhanced in some way, so I’m sure that worked towards the same end).

DSCN1687After grabbing some Green Chile Apple Pie, we were paid a visit by The Stool Bus (hilarious, for sure).  DSCN1690

La Ventana, a natural arch, was a neat thing to see, especially in New Mexico!  It was kind of like an arch-cave, super cool.DSCN1706

Of course I took some knitting (you don’t expect me to sit in the car and do *nothing* do you?), most of the roads were pretty bumpy and this was really the only clear photo I got.DSCN1698

This is my second Braided Slouch that I mentioned last week.  It’s since been completed and should show up here on Friday if I can get decent pictures of it.

Where was the last place you ventured out to?

3 thoughts on “A Sunday Cruise

  1. hehe…stool bus. Wait, are those pictures of stool kids?

    I’m loving all the adventures you’re going on! It seems like you have fully adjusted to your new home 🙂

    PS. I’ve been wanting to make a new braided slouch too! I gotta finish two projects, but that’s next on my list!!

    1. They *are* pictures of stool kids! There names are (from front of the bus to the back): Turdy, Pu-Wee and Stinky, Skidder, Corny, Loosey Stool and Deuce.

      What are the two projects you’re currently working on? The llama mitts and….?

      1. Hahaha! That is too much. Loosey? Gross, haha.

        Llama mitts and a fitted beanie for a friend. They’re both so close to being done 🙂

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