A Weekend Cruise

This past Saturday my guy and I took his little toy car (Honda S2000) out for a cruise through the mountains to the Pajarito Skiesta – an end-of-the-season brew fest of sorts.  We wanted to make a fun day out of it so we took the top down and ventured down the scenic route, stopping at a few places along the way that we’d never visited before.IMG_7795

Our first stop was at the Ponderosa Valley Vineyard, we’d seen a billboard for it, didn’t know there were any vineyards in the area and after determining it wasn’t too far off the path, we stopped in for some tastings and chit chat.  IMG_7796

The vineyard had all sorts of ribbons on the walls and though this raised my hopes before tasting, I wasn’t disappointed by the selection!  We brought home a red and a white after sampling a few of their local creations.IMG_7798

We then traveled a tad off the beaten path to the Gilman Tunnels where we stopped to take some pictures and admire the scenery.  IMG_7824

I didn’t find the plethora of graffiti unpleasant – the bright colors I thought brought a urban friendliness to the rock.IMG_7807

The rest of the day was spent with family, friends, tasty beer and food.  Did you do anything fun this weekend?IMG_7827



4 thoughts on “A Weekend Cruise

  1. That sounds like fun! This weekend we went on an hour long drive to do an errand. We could have stayed closer to home but decided to hit the road instead.

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