A Snow Trip!

This past weekend my guy, myself and some friends drove up to Southern Colorado to spend the day playing at Wolf Creek.  The drive up on Saturday saw some interesting weather – we don’t see fog in the southwest ever often and it was a pretty thing to drive though and I think the juxtaposition with the quintessential red rocks in the area was really pretty.DSCN1812

The drive to the mountain on Sunday saw more interesting, low-laying clouds like this one over a pretty blue barn set in a picturesque meadow just south of Pagosa Springs.IMG_20130310_081514_672

I knit on the drive, of course, working on my Candy Skein design which I’ll talk a bit more about tomorrow! (Yes, I sit cross-legged in the car most of the time)DSCN1814

What did you do this weekend?

3 thoughts on “A Snow Trip!

  1. We found our front room this weekend…and then promptly filled it back up with empty boxes and, once we took the empty boxes out last night, we refilled it with full boxes. ::sigh:: It never seems to end and I’m running out of room!

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