FO Friday: A Blonde Viking

I finished the most recent Viking Helmet the other day and it’s about to be on it’s way to it’s new owner!  IMG_8097

All of my Vikings thus far have been brunettes, this is the first blonde one and I hope that it matches the wearer’s natural hair color.  The beard is detachable, hopefully that will ensure that it gets tons of wear!IMG_8125

I also finished something else and now it’s all blocked and pretty and will be making it’s reveal soon!IMG_8127

Linking up with Tami as usual!  What did you finish this week?

9 thoughts on “FO Friday: A Blonde Viking

  1. I would love to make one of these for my boyfriend. I am willing to pay for the pattern. If you are willing to share this with me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


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