Hiking La Luz

This past Saturday my guy and some friends and I hiked up the Sandias on an iconic trail named La Luz.  We didn’t exactly start at the trailhead and we didn’t exactly land at the Tram, so we added a few miles to the hike which ended up being about 12.5 miles by the time we rode the Tram down.IMG_8605

This was my first time doing this hike, and there is a race held on the trail every year too!IMG_8577

We gained over 3,000 ft in elevation over 12.5 miles and trekked over many a switchback, plenty of rock slides, snow, ice and even staircases in the more steep areas.IMG_8560

Views of Albuquerque were abundant and the city is much prettier from the sky.IMG_8557

Have you ever hiked this trail before?  Have you been out in nature recently?  Don’t forget to wear proper shoes, as this warning sign reminded us at the top of the trail:IMG_8571

4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 7: Looking Forward

One year from now where will you be with your crafting endeavors?

I hope to continue to grow my business, I want to keep designing and self publishing, but I also want to branch into magazine designs, maybe a book and work with more yarn companies!Pattern overview

I want to keep Tech Editing and better my skills at writing my own patterns clearly.  IMG_7700

I want to keep teaching, I really really love teaching.IMG_8067

I also want to try new techniques.  I’ve never done contiguous sleeves and I want to try.  I’ve never designed a bottom-up top and I want to try.  I’ve never designed socks and I want to try.

Where do you see yourself in the next year?  What do you want to try?

4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 6: A Tool To Covet

Knitting and crochet both require some simple tools to get started but it’s easy to collect a plethora of hobby paraphernalia.IMG_8073

The most basic of tools, and arguably the absolute most important, is your hands.IMG_8147

Without my hands, I wouldn’t have been able (or maybe “able” but “less than motivated”) to pursue my knitting hobby and career.  When I teach new knitters the basic stitches or experienced knitters advanced techniques, hands are the most integral part!IMG_8074

I try to take regular breaks from knitting (and even typing) marathons to stretch out  my wrists, fingers and palms.  I definitely have hurt myself in the past by knitting too much and this usually renders me unproductive and sad for days.  So, take a break knitters! Do some yoga, pour some tea, or a beer, walk the dog, take care of your most valuable tools!IMG_8079

What is your most coveted tool?

4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 5: Something A Bit Different

A note from my dog, Mona Lisa


Hey Guys, Lisa here, 0907021013

I know you all like coming here and seeing what mom’s making and where she’s going and what she has to say about all sorts of boring things, but when she’s hanging out online and doing that thing she does with those sticks that I am NOT allowed to chew on, she’s not taking care of the most important person – me. IMG_6999

So, if ya’ll could just, like, ya know, point her in my direction, that’d be great.  I’m going to go lay down and look pathetic at her feet, maybe bring her a toy to distract her from her obsession or nose her elbow to snap her out of that silly trance she gets into when she’s “working” ::coughignoringmecough::IMG_7429

Signing off,

Mona Lisa

4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 4: Color Review

Colors!  We all know I love colors and I love mixing them and playing with them.  On the one hand, my favorite color is yellow followed closely by purple, but the colors I knit with the most?Picture1

I think it’s blue.  I have a lot of blue designs and blue FOs.Picture2

From the looks of my stash, I have a lot of white, cream and beige yarns although I rarely knit entire garments out of these.  I use them for accents, but I do have a few creamy/white designs coming out in the future.  IMG_7565

What colors do you knit with the most?  Has your preference changed throughout the years?

4th Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week Day 2: A Mascot Project

As I mentioned yesterday, my house is that of the Bee – I like having a lot of different projects going at once for a few different reasons, travel mostly.IMG_20130220_120556_203

When I think of the reasons why I fit into the House of Bee and I try to find a good project, yarn, tool or idea that could be the mascot, I keep coming back to my itty bitty mitred square blanketIMG_8320

It’s perfect – it uses tons of different kinds of yarn in lots of different colors.  The sizes of the squares are different – they’re portable as individuals and small groups, but they all come together to form the bigger picture.IMG_8321

As I always say with life and with knitting, Every Little Bit Counts and this blanket really shows that!

4th Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week Day 1: House of Bees!

The prompt today was to pick a house based on your personal knitting preferences.  Of course, I fit into a few different categories but as of late, I think the Bee House is the one for me!

Although I do like to expand my skill set with new projects, like the House of Monkey, I think more often than not lately, I have multiple projects going so that I can switch up my projects when I need to.  There are a lot of reasons for me to switch up projects; sometimes we all get bored working on the same project over and over, but I also do a lot of traveling and my knitting needs to fit into my purse or carry on depending where I’m going and for how long.IMG_8294

If I’m taking a short trip, I don’t want to pack an entire suitcase and I don’t want a knitting project that will take up too much space.  If I’m going on a longer trip, I need a project that will keep me busy for the duration of my absence.IMG_8318

Travel is one of the main reasons I have different projects going, to be honest.  I like to go to knitting groups, I knit waiting in line, or waiting for anything, really, I knit on planes, trains and automobiles and each of these situations requires different knitting characteristics.

What house do you fit in?

FO Friday & Off On Another Adventure

I finished something earlier in the week and it’s been blocking out beautifully.IMG_8330

This is one of those seekrit things that you’ll see in August, so I can’t share too much, but it’s fun and colorful and fabulous!  Look at those little safety pins, don’t they look like little soldiers?IMG_8328

Linking up with Tami, check out more FOs or share your own.

I’m off on another trip this weekend and I won’t be back until Tuesday, but as next week is the 4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, you’ll still have some things to read starting Monday!

Do you have fun weekend plans?

WIP Wednesday: The Skies Aren’t Grey, But The Yarn Is

Definitely springtime here in New Mexico – the winds haven’t stopped in weeks.  We don’t get the “April Showers” that other states get (nor do we get flowers) but we do get lots of sunshine.  This week I’m working on another seekrit design in shades of grey.IMG_8287

I love this yarn, the colors are so spring-stormy with their tonal greys and a hint of purple.  Graphic textural changes and simple lace patterns will bring out the best in this yarn I think and I can’t wait to show you how this design turns out!  Although, you’ll have to wait till later this fall 😉IMG_8290

Linking up with Tami!  What are you working on this week?  Do you get rainstorms where you live or is spring something else entirely?