Along with knitting, and among other things, photography is a passion of mine.  Animals are a passion of mine.  IMG_8208

I’ve been practicing at all of the above for years – learning new knitting techniques, designing new shapes, textures, etc, photographing new material, trying different techniques, testing different settings, learning how to teach new tricks to my canines, improving upon my ability to communicate with them.IMG_8199

If you follow this blog, you know that little miss Mona Lisa has been my constant companion for years, and recently we decided to bring in a foster to join us.  IMG_20121111_081629_651

His name is Duncan, he’s about a year old, a lab mix who had no structure or lessons in his previous home.  He’s come a long way and while trying to teach him how to be a good family member, he’s teaching me how to show his true personality through pictures.IMG_8202

Obviously, I still have a long way to go, but these are shots from a quick little session we had the other day, on a whim.  IMG_8204

What are your passions? Creative or not, we all have interests and things that we study in our off time, things that we pursue and work towards.


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