4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 6: A Tool To Covet

Knitting and crochet both require some simple tools to get started but it’s easy to collect a plethora of hobby paraphernalia.IMG_8073

The most basic of tools, and arguably the absolute most important, is your hands.IMG_8147

Without my hands, I wouldn’t have been able (or maybe “able” but “less than motivated”) to pursue my knitting hobby and career.  When I teach new knitters the basic stitches or experienced knitters advanced techniques, hands are the most integral part!IMG_8074

I try to take regular breaks from knitting (and even typing) marathons to stretch out  my wrists, fingers and palms.  I definitely have hurt myself in the past by knitting too much and this usually renders me unproductive and sad for days.  So, take a break knitters! Do some yoga, pour some tea, or a beer, walk the dog, take care of your most valuable tools!IMG_8079

What is your most coveted tool?

2 thoughts on “4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 6: A Tool To Covet

  1. I wrote about scales because I find them incredibly useful.

    Thanks for the reminder to take a break. I’m taking a break from knitting to peruse the internet and do some typing. Probably not what you meant.

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