Hiking La Luz

This past Saturday my guy and some friends and I hiked up the Sandias on an iconic trail named La Luz.  We didn’t exactly start at the trailhead and we didn’t exactly land at the Tram, so we added a few miles to the hike which ended up being about 12.5 miles by the time we rode the Tram down.IMG_8605

This was my first time doing this hike, and there is a race held on the trail every year too!IMG_8577

We gained over 3,000 ft in elevation over 12.5 miles and trekked over many a switchback, plenty of rock slides, snow, ice and even staircases in the more steep areas.IMG_8560

Views of Albuquerque were abundant and the city is much prettier from the sky.IMG_8557

Have you ever hiked this trail before?  Have you been out in nature recently?  Don’t forget to wear proper shoes, as this warning sign reminded us at the top of the trail:IMG_8571

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