What I Learned In Austin

The other weekend I traveled to Austin, TX again to hang out at Circuit of the Americas and watch the Moto GP race.  While in Austin I learned a few things.IMG_8342

  • If you don’t have cowboy boots on when you leave the airport, you better have some on by the time you reach the city.  There are plenty of shops to remedy this situation on the way.
  • BBQ is a food group.
  • You have to question the sanity of people who participate in a sport that combines high speed, two-wheeled vehicles and knee-pads.IMG_8390
  • Your truck isn’t big enough.
  • Neither is your hair.
  • You can’t undo a cowboy boot tan.
  • They make bikes my size.IMG_8437
  • There is this week-long event in San Antonio called “Fiesta” in the spring.
  • The River Walk in San Antonio during “Fiesta” is unreachable.IMG_8483
  • It’s going to take a while to even out all of the tan lines I received and putting on sun screen every 5 minutes doesn’t help when you’re this pale.

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