FO Friday: A Scholarly Cardi

I told you earlier that I had finished this sweater, and I have!  Maybe a few days after I had originally told you I had though…I’d forgotten that I needed to knit and sew the band piece (kind of an integral part of the design, no?).  But! It is still done and it is purty 🙂IMG_8883

This yarn was totally fabulous to work with and made knitting the sweater fun!  I love the deep purple color and the slight halo it gives.


I don’t get to keep this version, it’s going have a life at Yarn & Coffee in Santa Fe, where it can be loved and petted and tried on by many a knitter.IMG_8884

Pattern: A Scholarly Cardigan

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino

Mods: None.IMG_8879

Joining up with Tami!  What did you finish this week?  At least the week is finished, so even if your crafts didn’t bring you any end products, you’ve got the weekend to start anew tomorrow!


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