Pattern Release: The Radish Hat

Remember that seekrit project I was talking about earlier this year?IMG_8220

The pattern has finally been released by Fancy Tiger Crafts!

The Radish Hat features simple cables and lace and knits up super quick on US 10.5 (6.50 mm) needles.  Fancy Tiger’s Heirloom yarn is quite pleasant to work with and will definitely give you a warm product in the end.

The colors are really quite pretty and varied also, and I think this hat would work up beautifully in any of the colors.IMG_8222

The two pictures of the hat in it’s final form were taken by the lovely ladies of Fancy Tiger, the others are mine 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pattern Release: The Radish Hat

  1. one of my favourite things are yos on top of each other. i’m knitting a scarf with some now and they are super cool!

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