Summer Camp

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to teach students at a summer camp about Fiber Arts.  Ranging in age from 6-12, the students got to learn how to finger knit, needle knit, basic sewing and embroidery, kool-aid and procion dying, along with a few other projects just between the other Fiber Arts teacher and myself! IMG_9394

Not to mention farm chores – milking goats, making ice cream, collecting eggs, tagging baby goats, letting the horses out to pasture and all that fun stuff!IMG_9401

I really enjoyed myself, teaching adults is always fun and teaching kids brings a whole new set of challenges.  Learning how to teach is a fun little game to figure out and everyone learns in a unique way!IMG_9393

Camino de Paz is a montessori school during the year and also a farm, year-round.  I think it is the coolest school I’ve ever heard of, and if I’d had similar opportunities as a student, I’d definitely have wanted to attend!IMG_9432

Being an instructor at a summer camp was a ton of fun, a lot of work, but totally worth it and I hope to be able to do it again soon 🙂IMG_9421



3 thoughts on “Summer Camp

  1. Sounds very rewarding. I always loved dying at summer camp. We made such wonderful tie dyed t shirts.

    1. It was so rewarding, I wish I’d been able to attend a camp like it when I was a kid! It’s great to hear that you have such special memories, hopefully these kids do too!

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