FO Friday: The Grey Spring Crinkle

It’s been a while since I’ve had an FO that I can share with you, but today I’ve got one!

The Grey Spring Crinkle is almost appropriate for the past few days around these parts what with the clouds we’ve been getting (although those clouds don’t also deliver rain to my new garden, sadly). 

I’m still in love with this pattern and after seeing it in this different texture and color, I think I want to make another one (or two, or three) for myself testing out different yarns and colors!

Linking up with Tami for FO Friday!  What did you knit this week?  Any fun weekend plans?


7 thoughts on “FO Friday: The Grey Spring Crinkle

    1. Would it be awful to admit that I can’t exactly remember which yarn and I lost the label? Haha my bad! I know it wasn’t 100% wool, it’s got enough acrylic to be washable and it’s almost baby soft.

  1. Love the grey! I also like that you also spell it grey and not gray. I agree that it’s fun trying out the same pattern in different yarns; you learn so much from it. Show us the other ones when you make them 🙂

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