WIP Wednesday: Sweet Autumn Rays

This week I started a new project.  That sweater I mentioned last week?  On hold.  For now. But not for long!  I’m almost to the sleeve divide and I can’t wait to do that (mostly because I want to see how the top is fitting so far).

But onto my new project!

I’m knitting another of my Sweet Summer Rays shawls and this time I’m knitting it in Cascade Heritage Silk Paint yarn in this gorgeous colorway that reminds me of autumn leaves and grasses, so I’m dubbing this my Sweet Autumn Rays shawl.IMG_9931

For those of you who’ve purchased the pattern or are thinking about it for a future project – I’ve updated the original version to hopefully make it clearer and easier to understand on which rows the increases are placed!IMG_9971

Linking up with Tami as usual!  What are you working on this week? Something new? Something old?

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Sweet Autumn Rays

  1. Yummy color! I’m working on getting my travel photos and posts up. So. Hard. Sigh. I’d rather be knitting. Knit some extra rows for me, will ya? Thanks 🙂

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