Pints & Purls Edition 8: Pick Axe IPA

This is the eighth in a series of installments that will highlight one of my favorite brews and which knits to go with it!


Brew: Pick Axe IPA

Brewer: Tommyknocker Brewery


Hops: Willamette, Chinook, Summit, Mt. Hood, Nugget

Flavors:  Hops are the hero and are backed by a malty foundation.  Crisp, complex flavors with a pleasant bitterness and a medium finish.IMG_9067

Knit Pairings:  This is a strong IPA and I would recommend drinking it with a project that also commands attention.  It wouldn’t be right for intricate lace or delicate socks, but for those hardy staples that all knitters make at least every once in a while – a warm, cabled beanie, heavier-weight boot socks, a cozy shawl.

Notes:  Maltier than most summer beers, this is still a good one to have around for when the evenings are chilly, the fire in the BBQ pit is dying down and friends are sitting around telling stories of their mountainous adventures.

Let me know what you think!  Suggestions for future beers, more/different information to include, this is a work in progress so I won’t be offended by constructive advice!

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