Garden Update

Remember all those weeks ago when I gave you a photo-montage of my garden area being built?

The space is doing remarkably well and my plants are flourishing!  Just the other day I woke up to find some HUGE squash blossoms coming out of my 3 squash plants!  Seriously, they’re the size of my hand!IMG_0654

And shortly after that I found a little bean had grown in the night.  IMG_0650

Now I also have 4 little tomatoes!IMG_0646

The “Carrot Forrest” as I like to call it seems to be doing well, although the carrots kind of make me nervous because I don’t exactly know when to pull them since they’re, well, underground and I can’t see how they’re doing.  IMG_0651

Late start to the growing season, but it looks like it’s hopefully going to be a fruitful (and veggie-ful) one!IMG_0653

Are you gardening this year?  What’s your favorite plant to watch grow?

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