Seekrits Revealed!

The Willow Yarns Catalog has been shipped and the website updated, so I can finally share some of my recent seekrits with you!IMG_9370

I’ve got 3 designs in the homewares section of the catalog – a bit of new territory for me, I’ve never released a homewares pattern before!


With a quick turn-around time and a lot of knitting, these were my sole focus for a few weeks earlier this year and I got very familiar with the yarns that Willow had provided.


The Geometric Throw

The Spa Set

The Ottoman Cover

Do you knit things for your house?  Washcloths and the like are supremely useful and I do have a lot floating around the kitchen.  I think adding these cute little handmade touches around your abode really brightens the mood and makes it your own!

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