WIP Wednesday: Re-Do

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that this past weekend was a time of great decision-making.

3 weeks worth of Denial Knitting.  That knitting where you look at it and think to yourself “this isn’t right….but it’s still too early to tell, it may come together yet.”

And then the next day you pick up your knitting again and think “hmm, it’s looking too big (or small) but you know, it can’t be spread out properly because the needle cable isn’t long enough to ‘really’ see what’s happening…it’ll work out in the end.”IMG_1013

And quite possibly weeks of these conversations to yourself pass when you finally realize you can’t lie to yourself and your project anymore.  The thing must be ripped and re-done.IMG_1014

I just so happen to have a deadline of having this in the mail by the weekend.  No pressure right?  Now just hand over that beer and I can get movin’ along.IMG_1016

Have you had any Denial Knitting experiences recently?

Linking up with Tami as usual!

3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Re-Do

  1. Good luck meeting your deadline! I had a little denial spell this week. There was some too-noticeable pooling on a sweater I’m knitting with hand-dyed yarn, right in front. I thought once I got on a few more inches it would be OK, but it just kept bugging me. So I ripped back and switched skeins and am glad I did. It all looks much nicer now. The extra time is always worth it!

  2. Oh what a bummer! My last spell of denial knitting (last weekend…) was fortunately much, much shorter than that. I decided to rip everything out after only half a knee-high sock was done. On a deadline, too, so you have my sympathies… let’s share a virtual beer while we pull a knitting all-nighter.

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