FO Friday: Black Lace Slouch

I told you I’d finished something earlier in the week, and here it is!IMG_1152

This is the second black Lacy Slouch I’ve knit up, but the first was in a wool/mohair blend and the recipient wanted something that was more suited for warmer weather.  IMG_1162

I decided to work with Elsbeth Lavold’s Hempathy yarn and it knit up beautifully on needles that were slightly too large for it – the fabulous-ness of lace: getting even more out of your small amounts of yarn!   It took less than a single ball to knit up this version.IMG_1116

It felt good to finish something that I can actually show you, I came to the realization earlier that that sweater I was working on might not actually work…more to come on that next week, and a vote on what I should do with it!

What are you working on to wrap up this week?

Linking up with Tami as always!

8 thoughts on “FO Friday: Black Lace Slouch

  1. I have never worked with the Hempathy… make me want to grab a skein of it and get busy….oh wait…..I already have your skirt on the needles as well as what seems like a gazillion other UFOs….we’ll see how long I can hold out….

    LOVE this version!

  2. It’s lovely 🙂

    This week, I’ve been knitting dishclothes because it’s all my mind is up for. I think next week I can start getting back into the bigger things again. We’ll see.

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