Taos Wool Festival

This weekend was full of yarny adventures!IMG_1301

Saturday I went to the Taos Wool Festival for the first time and man oh man was it a blast!  Much smaller than Rhinebeck, which I attended last year, the Taos Wool Fest was the perfect size for the small, artsy, historical town.  There were plenty of vendors selling handspun and handdyed yarns, fibers in various stages of processing, tools and notions and even little furbabies! IMG_1312

There were shearing demonstrations, sock knitting machines, classes, raffles, cinnamon roasted almonds (the smell of which took over my knit-friend Andrea who disappeared then reappeared with a cone of the sweet, cinnamony goodness) and all sorts of pretty knitwear walking around to be admired, fondled and discussed. IMG_1237

My SO’s folks accompanied us (and drove…and gifted me with a gorgeous skein of yarn which I’ll get to in a minute) and his mom picked up a drop spindle and some fiber to teach herself how to spin!  This renewed my desire to pick up my own drop spindle and learn to spin better and more consistently, so hopefully the blog will feature some of that soon too!IMG_1305

Ok, so, the loot.  I only came home with one skein of yarn, can you believe that?  (I think I’ve said this before) I can’t either!  But it’s a gorgeous skein and I almost left it behind but, as previously mentioned, my SO’s momma came to the rescue and knew that if I left the skein at the booth, it wouldn’t be there when we made our second round, so she purchased it for me (such a nice nice nice lady, and I can’t thank her enough for it).  It’s a lace-weight handdyed yarn from a yarn store in Fort Collins called Your Daily Fiber.  I’ll be visiting them soon (exciting news for a future post!) and will hopefully pick up the other skein I was longing for but left behind which, lo and behold, had vanished, off to join some other crafter’s stash and not my own!IMG_1331

But look at that color ya’ll!  Isn’t it fabulous?  I know, right?  Just fantastic and totally perfect and I’m super excited to make something with it.  The process of picking what to make with it is another post entirely.IMG_1293

The day finished up with delicious pizza from Taos Outback Pizza and plenty of car-time to pet the new additions to everyone’s stash, it was a PERFECT day.  IMG_1285

Did you do anything fiber-related this weekend?

11 thoughts on “Taos Wool Festival

  1. Why, yes I did. The twist has been set in six skeins of handspun wool. The knitting relaxed in five skeins of reclaimed yarn. Then I plied that blue lace weight into a 3 ply yarn. So far I have wound off 1550 yards. There is still much more to ply from the 12 ounces of singles.

    Also, I started a sample stitching project from Willow Yarns. 😀 Only 8 or 9 more rows to go.

      1. There is about 200 more yards of that in a third skein and an ounce that will not make it into a skein. I tried Andean plying, but singles became a tangled p.i.t.a. So, that 1750 is the final yardage. 🙂

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