Pints & Purls Edition 16: Henry Weinhard’s Woodland Pass IPA

This is the sixteenth in a series of installments that will highlight one of my favorite brews and which knits to go with it!  None of the breweries or yarn companies are compensating me – these are just my opinions on my personal experiences!


Brew: Woodland Pass IPA

Brewer: Henry Weinhard’s



Flavors:  Very floral, clean, crisp – all the wonderful things people love about IPA’s, with sweet carmally notes.  Bold start, quick and simple finish.IMG_1374

Knit Pairings:  Big flavor with this beer calls for big knits!  And I’m not talking about a big, cumbersome project like a lace shawl that doubles as a bedspread, I’m talking about a super chunky weight cowl or hat that you can whip up in the span of a beer or two (or 6, some people drink fast!).  Make it even more bold with a doublt-take worthy neon yarn like the new Fluo and Very Berry colorways from Malabrigo.

Notes:  I *PROMISE* that I won’t keep featuring IPA’s haha, they’re typically my favorite but I know they’re not everyone’s cuppa tea (pint’a beer is more like it).  Do you have any favorites that I haven’t featured yet that you’d like to see?

Let me know what you think!  Suggestions for future beers, more/different information to include, this is a work in progress so I won’t be offended by constructive advice!

4 thoughts on “Pints & Purls Edition 16: Henry Weinhard’s Woodland Pass IPA

  1. Funny…..I was wondering how many more IPAs there were left….just kidding. I prefer amber and darker beers, but I am game to try anything once. I’ll have to let the youngest daughter know about this one, as she adores IPAs too.

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