Continueing the Fiber Binge Weekend

After getting such a huge Fiber High on Saturday, I had to continue the trend on Sunday, it would’ve been too abrupt a withdrawal to just stop it right there.  And besides, I had PLANS!  Needs and wants and ideas and things to act on lest this yarn somehow disappear before I could make something with it.IMG_1401

Andrea, luckily, was up for round 2 of Fiber Binging and we started off at the Yarn Store at Nob Hill where we both purchased a few skeins of yarn for future projects and I, a tiny crochet hook for beading.  I came home with 3 skeins of Zealana Rimu, a 60% New Zealand/40% Possum mix in the most gorgeous and difficult dark turquoise dk weight yarn with little bits of a darker (what I believe to be natural) fibers spun in.  I imagine these three skeins to become a matching hat and mitt set!IMG_1408 IMG_1406

We then visited the bead store up the road and picked out some super awesome brightly colored seed beads to go with this yarn from Bittersweet Woolery for a hopefully-soon-future project.IMG_1392

The day was capped with plenty of time sitting around at our usual watering hole doing what we do best – knitting and sipping brews!IMG_1354

What’s your favorite place to enjoy some knitting time?  Did you indulge in any recent stash enhancements?IMG_1353

4 thoughts on “Continueing the Fiber Binge Weekend

  1. How can I seriously finish a project when you are always tempting me…something else on the horizon with Tina would be amazing! Beads….in my almost 40 years of knitting I have never done beads… are a serious enabler!

  2. I need to find a place around here to knit with nice brews like that. Ok, going to avoid thinking about beer while it’s still morning.

  3. I’ve been pretty monogamous with my knitting this week. I’ve been churning out my Freeport Vest. I might even be able to wear it this “winter.” That would be all kinds of fabulous!

    My stash hasn’t been enhanced too much…a couple skeins here and there. I keep seeing hats and we don’t even wear hats around here.

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