The Orange Yarn

I’ve gotten a few questions about what I plan to make with that gorgeous orange-y red lace weight yarn I picked up at the Taos Wool Festival.  When I originally bought it, I thought it’d be so perfect knit up into something intricate and lacy and detailed like the phenomenal shawls that were in the yarn store’s booth.  Naturally, my mind went to traditional lace shawls but I thought the super bright color needed something more modern so off to Ravelry I went.IMG_1288

I love the way you can search for just about anything you could imagine in Ravelry, seriously.  I especially love that I was able to specify my search by the weight of yarn and yardage I had.  The results were, of course, fabulous and there were pages and pages of beautiful things to look at.  Shawls, of course, but also sweaters!  Full sweaters out of a single skein?  Why wouldn’t I attempt such a feat?IMG_1338

So, needless to say, the idea of a shawl slowly slipped out the window and the idea of knitting a lacy lightweight sweater out of this statement yarn started percolating in my head and I debated between a few but I believe I’ve decided on one, with a few mods planned.IMG_1401

I want to do this Atalanta sweater – it fits many of my requirements and original ideas: it’s lacey, it’s a cardigan, it gets a lot of bang for not a lot of buck (very little yardage required) and bonus! It’s a free pattern!  I plan to make the fronts actual fronts because I like my cardigans to close sometimes and based on the yardage requirements, I should be able to.IMG_1395

But never fear knitters, I do have plans for intricate lace shawls (including beads!) for the near future with another gorgeous yarn you’ve seen before 😉

One thought on “The Orange Yarn

  1. Oh my…..I think the cardigan will be lovely in the orange…..can’t wait to see progress….

    beads….one thing I have also never tried…..

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