FO Friday: Miranda Pullover

I finished this sweater late Monday night and I’m so glad to have it finished!ResizedImage_1384263600689

I love that little key-hole detail on the neckline, don’t you?

I didn’t try it on right away, fear of it not working on my body type kept me from putting the thing on for 24 hours, can you believe that?  I didn’t want to have put so much energy into this sweater (again, for the 3rd time) and have it not work on me and I was afraid that it’d look better on my mannequin than on my body.

I blocked it Tuesday and wore it work on Wednesday!  I’m so thrilled that this yarn finally worked up into a sweater that I can love and wear and that is so functional but also stylish.IMG_1906

Because the sweater is a little long in the torso (or I’m a little short, but who’s pointing fingers?) I decided to pair it with skinny jeans, boots and a summer dress for it’s first outing and I think it worked really well.  The Malabrigo Worsted is so warm, I layered this sweater with my Mottled Daydream Shawl, Braided Slouch and Knucks to walk to the dogs in 20 degrees and felt perfectly comfortable, no heavy coat needed!  But it also breathes enough that I was able to lose the layers and wear just the sweater, dress and jeans in the office and didn’t get overheated.  For the functional knitter (and that is me), all of these things are very important.IMG_1914


  • Knitted bottom ribbing to 2″
  • Knitted sleeve cuff ribbing to 1″

Yarn:  Malabrigo Worsted in Pale Khaki

Pattern: Miranda by Josee Paquin

Linking up with Tami!  What have you finished lately?  Are you enjoying the knitting weather as much as I am?

8 thoughts on “FO Friday: Miranda Pullover

  1. I love hearing how warm and breathable it is. Now that I’ve moved to a cold place (Twin Cities), I’m finding myself paying attention to that aspect of the fiber. I’m going to break out the knitting machine and finally make myself a basic sweater quickly.

    1. Ooh cool! I didn’t know you had a machine! Share pictures of the process and finished piece please 😀 Functionality of knits and fibers is really important to lazy dressers like me, I don’t want to have to plan different outfits for the same day, you know?

  2. That is gorgeous! I’m kind of jealous because sweaters don’t happen much where I live…and I’ve only knit one adult sweater and it’s for Wisconsin winters (which we no longer have to deal with unless we take a flight back there during the winter). ::sigh:: I need a cardigan or something.

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