WIP Wednesday: The Final Christmas Gift (probably)

The biggest holiday of the year (in many circles, at least) is coming up in just 2 weeks and I’m wrapping up what will hopefully (probably….maybe….) be the last gift I knit this season.  Although with two weeks left, there’s a chance that my knitter’s brain will decide that that’s clearly plenty of time to whip up something else, right?IMG_2219

My nephew received a handknit stocking for his 2nd Christmas (he was only a few weeks old for his first, I didn’t stand a chance…and no, I don’t want to hear about how I probably had a few months worth of notice prior to his arrival) and since my niece was born at the beginning of this year, she will get hers for her first go-round.IMG_2222

The first stocking for Maddox was knit cuff down and I made up the pattern along the way with plenty of colorwork ending with a pretty sizable finished stocking (more room for little gifts!).???????????????????????????????

This second stocking for Zaynah was knit from the toe up with a pattern I made up along the way and slightly less colorwork but ended up being pretty big again.

I hope they both get lots of love for years and years and years to come!

Linking up with Tami as usual!  What are you working on this week?  Are you wrapping up (or starting) anymore holiday gifts?

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