Wool ‘N Wire

Just the other week the mailman brought me something fabulous from the other side of the world.IMG_2091

This package was filled with cute little wrapped gifts and each wrapping contained a little piece of knitting paraphernalia.IMG_2097

Go say hello to Barb on Ravelry, she’s very friendly!IMG_2094

Handmade shawl pins, stitch markers and buttons from Wool N Wire in Australia – they traveled a long way to get to my new place in Colorado and they were a welcome sight.  Although I have yet to visit Australia, I’m hoping that someway I can make it happen.IMG_2093

One thought on “Wool ‘N Wire

  1. Oh My! I love the shawl pins! I need some for my growing collection of shawls and wraps. I will definitely have to investigate!

    Just wanted to let you know that the men in my new office LOVED my version of the Sweet Summer Rays shawl! A lot of them even knew that it was knitted….

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