FO Friday: Molly

I never said 2014 was going to be The Year of Monogamy and it certainly isn’t starting out that way.  After I had to put my lace lace-weight sweater on hold until I could find more needles, I cast on for a different project.  I wanted to have something that was quick, easy but not too easy, and used a yarn in my stash I’ve been wanting to use for some time.

I landed on making my mustard Shepherd’s Wool into a Molly hat and I swear to you people, this is the perfect knitting marriage.IMG_20140108_075054_702

This yarn has just the right body and elasticity to carry off the Molly texture and I think everything about it is perfect.  The yarn feels like butter (not the greasy kind, the really rich, velvety kind) and the stitch definition looks fan-fucking-tastic, dontcha think?IMG_20140108_075059_880

It’s been difficult to get good photos this winter, as I’m sure you’re all experiencing as well, please excuse the sub-par quality of these!

Linking up with Tami! Have you finished anything in 2014 yet?

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