New Pattern: Sailor Stripe

I’m pleased to finally announce that a shawl pattern I’ve designed for Universal Yarns has been released as part of an ebook named Contrarian Shawls, it’s also available individually.IMG_1040

Sailor Stripe is an interesting shawl that gave me the run-around during the design phase but we came to an agreement after a few arm-wrestling matches.IMG_1046

The first part, the red block, is knit with gradual increases and a chevron lace border, then stitches are picked up and knit on the bias for the larger, tan block with bright pops of red periodically thrown in as it decreases to the point.IMG_1055

I think the interesting shape of this shawl/scarf is going to lend itself to a really unique look and the color combination options are endless!IMG_1043What colors would you make it out of?


2 thoughts on “New Pattern: Sailor Stripe

  1. I saw this yesterday and it is already in my queue…..I am thinking a crisp white and navy, but then again since my birthday is July 4th I may have to make a tri-color one using red, white and blue….

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