Weekend Hike

The weather this past weekend was gorgeous for mid-January and so I made sure to take Miss Lisa and my camera out to enjoy it.IMG_2635

We took a little hike to Horsetooth Falls – evidently a must if you’re going to live in this area (and I am).  It was a short little thing but the heavy amounts of slush and mud made it a little slower going, plenty of slipping, sliding and ninja-esque acrobatics to keep myself and the camera out of the mud.IMG_2686

This time of year, the falls were little more than a trickle but it was still a pretty thing to see and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.IMG_2718

I highly recommend that you guys all get as much outside-time as you can whenever you can, the constant cold and grey of winter can wear on you and I’ve been feeling the affects of it for a little while. The days are getting longer and eventually warm weather will be here more consistently, but until then, I’ll take whatever I can get!IMG_2614

Have you been on any fun adventures lately?

One thought on “Weekend Hike

  1. It is too cold out for adventures in the Great White Nort’ of Wisconsin, Holly. We venture for laundry and groceries. I cannot wait for 35-45 degree weather. Then it’s time to air out the house and pray the car doesn’t slide into the ravine at the end of the drive. It is scary up here.

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