WIP Wednesday: Back to the Sweater

I had this whole post written up about this other WIP that I had going.  I was going to tell you all about that project and the yarn and how it’s perfect. And then, I finished it.

It’s no longer a WIP, so I won’t share it with you today.  But stay tuned for new stuff on Friday, you’ll not have seen it before!IMG_2566

So, with that super quick project out of the way, I’m back to the sweater (not that my readers knew I was really away from the sweater…but I was, briefly).IMG_2568

I picked up needles this past weekend and the lace portion is going quickly with the decreased number of stitches and the larger needle gauge.IMG_2564

Linking up with Tami as always!  What are you knitting right now?  Have you finished anything yet?

Wool ‘N Wire

Just the other week the mailman brought me something fabulous from the other side of the world.IMG_2091

This package was filled with cute little wrapped gifts and each wrapping contained a little piece of knitting paraphernalia.IMG_2097

Go say hello to Barb on Ravelry, she’s very friendly!IMG_2094

Handmade shawl pins, stitch markers and buttons from Wool N Wire in Australia – they traveled a long way to get to my new place in Colorado and they were a welcome sight.  Although I have yet to visit Australia, I’m hoping that someway I can make it happen.IMG_2093

FO Friday: The Stocking

I did happen to finish that stocking I was working on over the weekend while I was hanging out with my family enjoying my little younger brother’s graduation from college.

It’s not the greatest colorwork I’ve ever done and I see all the imperfections but I’m overall happy with it and I hope the family is as well!IMG_2326

I made up the charts for the deer and kind of made up the pattern for the entire stocking as I went along, toe-up, using stash yarn and I think it was a pretty great success!

Have you finished anything recently?

WIP Wednesday: New Project, New Year

As I mentioned yesterday, I do have a new project on the needles for myself since I finished my holiday knitting and also my work knitting (I love my job, have I mentioned that recently?).IMG_2563

This is the wonderful wonderful yarn from my trip to the Taos Wool Festival and the yarn itself is Dyed By Darryl from Your Daily Fiber in Fort Collins!  A great little happenstance there, I didn’t realize where the yarn was from until we were in the process of purchasing it.IMG_2557

I’m making the Atalanta sweater with some mods, namely I want the sweater to have fronts.  I’m making the medium size and added stitches to the CO so that I can have about 4 inches of front in lace on each side, then with the ribbing, I hope it’ll come close to closing.

Linking up with Tami, as always!  What are you working on this New Years?