WIP Wednesday: Progress

I got a lot of knitting time in this week and I’m happy with the progress I’m making on both of my sweaters!IMG_2833

The Bailiwick pullover saw another hiccup last week when I finished the back and was about to join when I realized I hadn’t done the proper number of repeats for the first bit of texture (note to self: read the pattern more than once, don’t think you’re “smarter” than the pattern) and so I had to rip back and redo most of the back but now the body is joined and it’s been smooth sailing!IMG_2835

The Atalanta is seeing some progress too although not quite as measurable an amount, it’s still beautiful and I am still excited to wear it!IMG_2838

What are you working on this week?


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Progress

  1. After finishing a hat, I picked up my Milo vest again. I have to knit until it’s 15.75″ from the shoulder and then I do the hem, weave in ends, block, and I’m done. I’m maybe halfway at this point…luckily, most of the part I’m on is in stockinette so I can watch TV and deal with a playing child for most of it. I also have socks and fingerless mitts going but I haven’t touched them for a few days.

    1. Keep up the progress on the vest! It’s always a good idea to have those smaller projects on the go too – the gloves and hat – to break up the monotony of a larger project. I think I may cast on another hat or something small to break up my sweater knitting too!

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