Fort Collins/Northern Colorado Knitting Brew Crew

My friend Hannah and I decided that we wanted to start our own version of the Pints & Purls group I started when I lived in Albuquerque (that links the the thread on Rav that keeps the group up to date, if you happen to live there and are looking to join up!).  The group started because I didn’t know anyone and I wanted to make friends.  I figured that if I could find people who like to do the same things I like to do, we’d have a greater chance of being buddies – knitting and beer-drinking is a perfect combo.IMG_0543

We’re calling our new group The Knitting Brew Crew and we’ve started a Ravelry group to keep everyone updated on the whens and wheres (please come join us!).IMG_2846

This Sunday, February 9th, will be our first meet-up.  We’re going to go to Equinox Brewing around 2pm.  Bring your crafty things and join us for a crafty beer!

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