WIP Wednesday: Still Growing

I’ve made a lot of progress on the body of the Bailiwick pullover and I should be starting the bottom ribbing soon!  Then I just have to knit the sleeves and wearability will be imminent. IMG_2996

I haven’t worked on the Atalanta at all really this week and don’t have new pretty pictures to show you of that project.  I did, however, start and finish a new project this past weekend which I’ll share on Friday! IMG_2868

What are you working on this week?  Long-term projects? Short-term?

12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Still Growing

      1. They are, love that pattern ! It’s easy, quick, but entertaining ! I’m finishing the second one today ! Then on to something new, but don’t know yet what to pick up !

  1. I’m working on getting the WIPs off the needles so I can start ALL THE NEW THINGS. So far, I’ve finished a Milo vest for Little Man. I still have two pairs of socks and a pair of fingerless mitts going (the fingerless mitts will probably be the next thing to finish).

      1. I’m so glad! yeah, I’ve been trying to ramp it up a bit, but it can be tough with work and school. I have to tell you though! I sent one in to IWK a few weeks ago, keep your fingers crossed for me!

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