Pints & Purls Edition 31: Belgian-Style Apricot Ale

This is the thirty-first in a series of installments that will highlight one of my favorite brews and which knits to go with it!  None of the breweries or yarn companies are compensating me – these are just my opinions on my personal experiences!


Brew: Belgian-Style Apricot Ale

Brewer: Lakefront Brewery


Hops: Saaz


ABV: 6%IMG_3176

Flavors: Fruity and malty with a leeetle bit of hoppy bitter to keep the finish crisp.  A warming spice with a sweet beginning keep this beer interesting.

Knit Pairings:  this beer is a good staple with a bit of pizazz and would pair well with a project that’s similar.  The crispy, spicy notes make me think of that really interesting yarns from Habu with bits of metal in it, wouldn’t that be fabulous?  Something fun and funky but in earthy, neutral colors.

Notes: It’s not an IPA!  Woo!  I’m going to be better about non-IPAs getting featured….promise….sorta.


Let me know what you think!  Suggestions for future beers, more/different information to include, this is a work in progress so I won’t be offended by constructive advice!


5 thoughts on “Pints & Purls Edition 31: Belgian-Style Apricot Ale

  1. Yum, that sounds really good. May have to try & find that one around here! Have you tried New Belgium’s new sour beer? I want to find the cherry one – it sounds delicious – but I haven’t been able to find it in stores yet. I’m hoping they’ll have it here in Asheville soon, especially since we’re the site of their new brewery!

    1. I’ve tried their La Folie, is that the one you mean? It’s pretty darn good! I find that I prefer the 2013 to the 2014 so far but that could just be an aging thing.

      Also, Odell’s Friek! If you can find that, I highly recommend it also!

      1. Ooh I don’t know if I’ve tried that one! I’ll see if I can find it, and I hear ya about living in a good craft beer city – it makes knitting that much better 😉

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