Non-knitting Update

I just wanted to update you all and let you know that living in Colorado is awesome. I love living here, it’s perfect for my activity levels and preferences, I love the seasons (I’ve only really experienced winter this time around, having moved in November, but hey, I know the rest are coming) and I love that I get to sport my knitwear in a state and job where it’s appreciated!IMG_2813

I’m loving it here so much that I’m starting the lengthy, lesson-filled task of finding a home to purchase (how’s that for crazy? Pretty darn cray <- that’s how crazy it is, I have to use hip lingo to describe it).IMG_2817

Other than that, the only major change in my life is that Chadwick has gone back to live with Jake in Albuquerque.  Sad, but true. This really has been one of the best decisions for both his and my life.  Miss Mona Lisa is still here beside me, as she always will be!IMG_2804

The Year of Learning is coming along and my notebook of lessons is filling up quickly, how are your goals/resolutions coming so far?IMG_2825