WIP Wednesday: Mitts

Another of the smaller projects that I’m knitting on the side of the orange sweater, is this pair of fingerless mitts.IMG_3365

I’ve been in love with the Possessed Printer Mitts pattern since the first time I saw them and even though I don’t have any of that crazy neon rainbow yarn in my stash, I knew I could find *something* worthy of the project.IMG_3368

This yarn popped into the picture because a) it’s been in my stash for…oh….4+ years? and b) I always knew I wanted it to be a pair of hand accessories, I just didn’t know what kind.IMG_3366

The pattern is a fun one to knit and, true to accessory-form, they’re pretty quick to make! Yes, even though there are two of them (no second-mitt syndrome here folks).

What are you making this week?

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Mitts

    1. Why thank you! My stash is rather large, I’m trying to cut down my belongings right now and some of the stash is being turned into awesome projects (like this one) and some of it is being destashed on Ravelry. Nothing like shopping from your own shelves!

  1. love the colors of the yarn. And omg…don’t you just love knitting with your signature needles….I love mine

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