2014: The Year of Learning – Checking In

Remember when I declared 2014 The Year of Learning? I said I was going to keep a journal of the little lessons I learn every day.IMG_3413

This would be an easier task if I did actually remember to write things down as they are learned (or if I took the journal with me when I stayed the night somewhere other than my own apartment) but that’s not how life works. I do have an entry for every day so far this year although some of those have had to be “remembered lessons” a day or three after the actual date.IMG_3420

I’m pretty ok with this, it’s a self-imposed challenge and why would I give myself any any extra stress? Although I’m sure it lets some good lessons be forgotten.IMG_3421

Some of the things I’ve learned so far this year (in no particular order):

  • Take the laser pointer to the dog park more often.
  • You breath a measurable amount of Argon molecules that have also been breathed by Joan of Arc, Ghandi, Muhammed, etc.
  • A full tank of gas makes me feel more wealthy than any amount of money in the bank.


  • Sometimes instead of letting the water roll off it’s back, the duck needs to punch the person holding the bucket in the face (figuratively)
  • There are different types of gas for different seasons.

What have you learned so far this year?

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