WIP Wednesday: Snowbound in April

A few weeks ago I started working on a new project so that I would have something other than the lace cardi to work on.  The knitting is slow going around these parts right now because of all the moving hullabaloo but it’s still coming along. (sorry for the crappy phone pictures, I don’t have internet in my house just yet)IMG_20140423_073246_573

I picked up this yarn a while back but it didn’t have a label with it.  After showing it around the office, we’ve decided it’s most likely Madelinetosh Tosh dk.IMG_20140423_073421_453

So far the pattern (Snowbound by Justyna Lorkowska) has been interesting to work and the yarn is, of course, wonderful. I almost never use a cable needle to work cables and I think that if you’re thinking about making this hat, you should learn to cable without one as well – it’ll greatly speed up the intricate rounds!

What are you working on this week?

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Snowbound in April

  1. I think my favorite thing about this is that you can take yarn to your office and show it off without people looking at you like you’ve grown a second head!

  2. Yeah, knitting at the office has always been a pretty interesting experience for me too. People think I’m so eccentric.

    1. When I worked in non-knitting offices that was the response I got too. I’d eat lunch at my desk and take my lunch break to go sit somewhere quiet and knit (I still do that…but it’s less weird here).

      1. When I knitted in the break room I felt like some sort of carnival side show. People were sort of mesmerized, and surprised that I was knitting in public, like it was one of those only-in-private activities. Very weird.

      2. Knitting is not something to be ashamed of! It’s a post-apocalyptic life skill and it’s productive and therapeutic and it keeps (me, at least) from killing people (people like that, in fact, who think it’s something to be shy about).

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