Thanks to April from Studio Strategos for the name of this post!  Before I moved all my things in, I wanted to paint over the dingy-looking walls and even had a little help from my Dad.IMG_3573

By now, most of the “important” unpacking has happened – the kitchen has food and utensils, the bathroom has things that smell good and keep me clean, there are a few places to sit, yada yada.  The most exciting part of unpacking in a new place is personalizing it and making it cute!IMG_3598

I’ve got a “few” things that I like to hang on the walls and I got most of them put up this week.  My new place actually comes with a little fireplace and mantel and so, naturally, that’s what got decorated first.IMG_3660

A few pieces of the art found in my home were made by my friend Monty, some I made myself (photographs, knitting, etc) and others were given to me by family and friends.IMG_3658

What’s your favorite part of moving into a new place?

3 thoughts on “Cute-ification

  1. I love having the ability to put things where you want them. Of course, that didn’t happen when we moved into our house because I have far too much stuff…and now with Stormageddon on the way, I have to do further rearranging to make room for a crib and some furniture that we don’t have yet. ::sigh::

  2. Glad you like the word and thanks for the link! Hope the house is shaping up to be everything you wanted and just as cute. Decorating might be the hardest part.

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