First Home Quirks Volume 1: The Washing Machine

So now that I’ve been in my house for a few days, I’ve come to notice some of the lovely and less lovely quirks this house has.

Quirk the First: The washing machine.IMG_3725

-I’m very grateful that there is a washer and dryer in my little house but they will definitely need replacing.  The lid to the top-loading washer is not actually attached and therefore the washer will fill up with water and then stop because it believes the lid is open even when it is laid flat. In order to push the little button sensor on the back of the lid to get the clothes to wash, I’ve broken off a piece of wood small enough to wedge between the lid and the button.IMG_3729

-The washer also does not seem to actually spin the clothes at the end of the cycle and get the water out, this leaves sopping wet clothes that drip on their way from washer to dryer and need to have the dryer cycle run more than once or with far fewer clothes than optimal.

Stay tuned for the next installment of First Home Quirks Volume 2: The Spots.


2 thoughts on “First Home Quirks Volume 1: The Washing Machine

  1. Ah, the joys of home ownership. We didn’t actually have a washer/dryer when we moved in (just the hook-ups) so we were able to pick what we wanted from the start. The fridge, however, needed replacing even though it was brand spanking new. We couldn’t fit a 12-pack of soda in there the long way (front to back)…so that had to go.

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