FO Friday: Resu Hat

This was a test knit for Cheryl Chow of her new hat pattern and I’m really pleased with the final result!IMG_3730

As with most lace, the hat was a bit crinkly immediately after coming off the needles but a good block took care of that problem and the lacy texture is now being shown to it’s best ability.IMG_3755

I did have to supplement my original yarn choice and chose this yellow linen/hemp blend and I don’t think it detracts from the end result at all, I really like them together!IMG_3756

What are you working on?  Have you finished anything lately?

2 thoughts on “FO Friday: Resu Hat

  1. I feel like I’m forever working on some project or another with a looming deadline. I’ve got 3 birthday gifts that I’m actively working on, plus quite a few others “hibernating.” I did finish a baby blanket in the half log cabin style about 2 weeks ago…otherwise I’ve just been casting on. Love the hat! Definitely going to add to the queue 🙂

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