WIP Wednesday (on a Thursday): It’s Comin’ Along

I meant to post this on Wednesday but things have been so busy that, obviously, that didn’t happen.

The first sleeve of the orange sweater is underway and is moving right along.IMG_3971

The sleeves have become my home-knitting because they’re on dpns and I have to follow a chart and blah blah blah.  They haven’t been worked on a whole ton, sadly, but it’s still progress!IMG_3973

What are you working on this week?

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday (on a Thursday): It’s Comin’ Along

  1. Dpns are sych a nightmare. Have you considered the magic loop and some stitch markers?

    I am working on the Mama Vertebrae for myself. It’s going to be perfect for breast feeding this fall. Right now I am a little more than halfway through the back as per my alteration. The back is to be shortened by 4″/10cm or so to meet up with the bottom of my tail bone. Fit to Flatter recommends this for bottom heavy gals.

      1. Oh yes, I found a couple of booties to knit with scraps from the cardigan and planning to make another sweater. He will be born right when it starts to get cooler outside.

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