Crazy Hail in June

Wednesday morning saw the foggy aftermath of a crazy, relentless hailstorm that was dumped on Fort Collins Tuesday night.  Most of what was on the trees (leaves, twigs, entire branches) are now littered on the ground, snow shovels were brought out to clear the way for cars and bikes (Wednesday was Bike To Work Day), and the place looked like some sort of post-apocalyptic world.IMG_4108

My poor plants didn’t make it so I’m scrambling to get some new ones in the pots.  We’ve still got time, right? I mean, last year I didn’t get my garden in until after the 4th of July.IMG_4126

My car is pocked to death and I’m sure my roof needs some attention.  I honestly haven’t looked that hard yet because I’m afraid of what I’ll find.IMG_4110

At least I have a roof even if it needs attending and it’s a good thing my pup and I were safe indoors during the whole thing, but it was a crazy one!

Have you experienced any crazy weather lately?

WIP Wednesday: Slow Progress

Knitting has been happening around these parts, but not as much as usual.IMG_20140621_152450_794

There has been more park-time, more friend-time and not as much dedicated knitting time.IMG_20140621_114247_959

The Complicated Project got worked on pretty intensely at this week’s Knitting Brew Crew (if you’re in Fort Collins and wanna join, let me know!) and although I think I made a mistake….or six…..I’m going to fudge them and keep right on truckin’.IMG_4131

This is one of those projects that makes me feel guilty if I work on anything else instead of it, so no progress has been made on the orange sweater or really anything else.

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday

The complicated thing has had much progress made, after a few re-starts, and even though it looks like a crumpled mess now, I know it’s going to be a great sweater when it’s done!IMG_4104

The fisherman rib hat is coming along also but because it’s my work-knitting, I don’t have anything better than crappy cell phone pictures to show you for it.  I also made progress on this little hat I think I forgot to tell you about.IMG_4105

I was able to knit on it during the drive to and from the Wool Market this weekend and the color is very cheery 🙂

What are you working on this week?

Estes Park Wool Market 2014

As you may have surmised from the title, this post is about this year’s Wool Market held in Estes Park, Colorado!  It was a Saturday/Sunday shindig and my Knitting Brew Crew ladies and I went on Sunday.  The drive to get there is absolutely gorgeous (even with the flood damage from last summer) and the town itself is just a cute little quintessential mountain town!IMG_3994

We spent a lot of time in the animal barns and got plenty of pets, goat kisses and bunny cuddles.  It smelled great (if you like the musky smell of barns and livestock, and we do), everyone was super nice and social and wanted to answer all of the questions we had and didn’t know we had!  We may have almost walked away with this lovely lady (the bunny, the human was already ours).IMG_4089 IMG_4093

The day was topped off having a drink and a snack at The Stanley Hotel (of The Shining and Dumb and Dumber fame).  The most unexpected part? (The beauty and creepiness and movie paraphernalia was expected) IMG_4096

They had their own little butterfly incubator chamber!IMG_4099

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  What’s your favorite part about festivals (wool related or not)?

WIP Wednesday: Easy and Complicated

I started two new projects this week in addition to the first sleeve of the orange sweater (that *is* growing consistently, I promise).IMG_3991

The first project is an easy fisherman’s rib hat out of this super soft and squooshy simplinatural by Hikoo (sorry for the poor picture quality, this project is at work and not where my better camera is)IMG_20140604_074519_666

The second project is a test knit of a complicated but awesome sweater design (it doesn’t look complicated yet, but trust me, this thing is going to be fun).IMG_3985

What are you working on this week?