WIP Wednesday: Moving Along

I haven’t had quite as much knitting time as I wanted lately (it’s awfully hard to knit lace by the light of a headlamp when hiking) but I am making a bit of progress on this last sleeve of that never ending sweater.IMG_4665

It’s moving along rather quickly because a) it’s a sleeve and b) I don’t have other projects going right now for which to put this one down.

I’m hoping to have it done sooner rather than later!

What are you working on this week?

Gray’s and Torrey’s Peaks

This past Saturday I woke up shortly after midnight and embarked on an awesome adventure with some friends.  As they usually do, this adventure includes mountains.      IMG_4625

In lieu of a birthday party, the 6 of us humans and 4 dogs hiked both Gray’s and Torrey’s Peaks – both 14ers.  The initial goal was to view the sunrise from the summit of Gray’s and we just about made it to the top before the sun started peaking over the horizon.IMG_4637

I seriously can’t get over how beautiful this whole experience was.IMG_4638

We started hiking in pitch black, everyone had headlamps or flashlights and you could only see a few feet in front of you.  This was a new challenge and an added benefit was that on the way down the mountains, everything was still new and exciting because we hadn’t seen it on the way up!IMG_4655

And dudes. There were mountain goats at the top of Torrey’s.  Lisa wasn’t quite sure what to make of them.IMG_20140726_075744_280

Did you do anything adventurous this weekend?  (Kitchenering, cabling, lace-making and anything that you personally consider new/exciting/dangerous/gets your heart rate up – counts)


(extra mountain goat picture because why not?)

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the two pictures I posted – one from each peak and you may have noticed that these pictures were posted at, oh, 630 and maybe 730 in the morning?  That’s early, let me tell you.

FO Friday: The Complicated Sweater

This one took a little while to figure out at the beginning (and the middle….and the end) but it’s done and I’m happy! (Granted…it didn’t take quite as long as that orange sweater that we’re not talking about…cough)IMG_3133

I used Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Wool for this top even though the original design was knit in a chunkier weight.  I did this for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted to have a lighter weight summer-y sweater, not something too heavy
  2. I wanted it to have lots of movement and drape
  3. I had plenty of the Silky Wool on handIMG_4538

I did not match the color of this sweater to my other most-recently-finished sweater on purpose, that was an accident but I believe it shows that I’m consistent in some things.IMG_3134

This sweater was a test knit for Bo Balder (Boknits on Ravelry) and although it was complicated and there were many questions, Bo was a total champ at quickly and clearly answering them.  I really like ALL of the sample knits I’ve seen of this top!IMG_4542

One of the things that make this sweater so special (and challenging) is how many different and awesome textures are going on at the same time.IMG_3137

My “mods”:

  • I did 6 short-rows at the bottom to ensure the back was longer than the front (it already was, because of the construction, but I wanted just a touch more length)
  • I worked the rib on the sleeves immediately after picking them back up with no rows of the big hole lace, I wanted shorter cap sleeves


What have you been knitting lately?  Have you tried any of Bo’s patterns?



This past weekend was one of those play-it-by-ear weekends that ended up being really fun, relaxing and necessary.IMG_4562

Sometimes it’s nice to tourist around your own town.  Luckily, in Fort Collins there is no shortage of touristy things to do in the summer!  IMG_4561

We even have a ton of fun and delicious food trucks that make the rounds.IMG_4569

And of course I augment my fun-time with plenty of knitting.IMG_4575

What are your favorite things to do in the summa-summa-time?

WIP Wednesday: Progress on an Oldie but a Goodie

At Knitting Brew Crew last night I got to work on a project that has been waiting patiently for me to return to it for a while.IMG_4553

I finished up the first sleeve and sewed it in to the armhole, tried it on and immediately began the other sleeve. Obviously, this sleeve has not been blocked yet like the rest of the cardigan, I wanted to sew it on before I lost momentum on it AND I wanted to see how it fit into the armhole before I spent all the time and energy knitting the other one so that I would know what mods to make, if any.IMG_4555

I can’t wait to finally have this thing finished! I’m not working on anymore deadline projects until this one is completely done – hold me to that, folks. I hope to have it done by the end of June, it’s only one more sleeve, what could POSSIBLY happen? Amirite? (Or maybe I shouldn’t jinx it)

What are you working on this week? Long-overdue projects?  Quick stuff?  New and exciting things?

FO: A Quick Knit

After spending so much time on my other knitting projects, I just wanted something that was an instant-gratification project.

Luckily, that need surfaced around the time I had an inquiry come in about a custom version of my Shift Knob Cover pattern! (The photo below is my roommate trying to figure out what the heck this thing is)IMG_4552

This little guy knit up super quick and the pattern was easily modified to fit a more spherical knob. I added an extra increase and decrease round and I worked the decreases at the top at a slightly quicker pace to round off the top quicker.

Have you been slogging away on long-term projects?  Or are you into the instant gratification knits too?

A Much Needed Weekend

I don’t know what ya’ll did this weekend, but I had the best time!  I took full advantage of the long holiday weekend here in the States and headed to the mountains with some friends.  Epic off-roading led to our campsite for the weekend in the mountains near Salida, CO.IMG_4182

Friday we woke early (but later than intended) and hiked Humboldt Peak, a gorgeous 14er that ended up being about 19 miles.IMG_4390

The mountain saw fit to grow us our own bouquet and dispersed the flowers throughout the entirety of the hike.IMG_4335 IMG_4325 IMG_4317

Many marmots were seen, more were heard and only a few had the opportunity to be hassled by Miss Mona Lisa.  Both pups took every opportunity to sit in the shade and/or grass on the way down from the peak, they were completely exhausted (as were the people).IMG_4407

Saturday a few of us took some more phenomenal off-road paths and ended up in Great Sand Dunes National Park through the back entrance – absolutely gorgeous drive that most cars can probably not accomplish.  If you can, I highly recommend it.IMG_4501

The Sand Dunes are such a weird thing, totally out of place amidst the mountains and greenery that is the rest of Colorado but very majestic and powerful.IMG_4507

Knitting accompanied me and plenty of drive-time allowed me to make good progress on The Complicated Sweater which I will share with you once it’s completed!IMG_4331

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?


Larimer Scarf

If you want a cozy, massive scarf-wrap-cessory, my latest design which will be published in the Knitscene Fall 2014 issue could be your match!

(C) Knitscene/Harper Point

The Larimer Scarf bares a striking resemblence to the over-sized scarf worn by Mr. Kravitz and even calls for epic fringe-y bits on the ends too.

Bonus: If you wrap this scarf around your neck a few times, it can double as a neckbrace.

The scarf calls for 8 skeins of FibraNatura’s Llamalini in the lotus colorway.  I was a little worries about how the yarn would feel with that mix of fibers but it’s actually very soft and even seems to do well if you throw it in the dryer!

(C) Knitscene/Harper Point

Even with it’s gigantic size, this scarf knits up super quickly on size US 9 (5.5 mm) needle.