A Much Needed Weekend

I don’t know what ya’ll did this weekend, but I had the best time!  I took full advantage of the long holiday weekend here in the States and headed to the mountains with some friends.  Epic off-roading led to our campsite for the weekend in the mountains near Salida, CO.IMG_4182

Friday we woke early (but later than intended) and hiked Humboldt Peak, a gorgeous 14er that ended up being about 19 miles.IMG_4390

The mountain saw fit to grow us our own bouquet and dispersed the flowers throughout the entirety of the hike.IMG_4335 IMG_4325 IMG_4317

Many marmots were seen, more were heard and only a few had the opportunity to be hassled by Miss Mona Lisa.  Both pups took every opportunity to sit in the shade and/or grass on the way down from the peak, they were completely exhausted (as were the people).IMG_4407

Saturday a few of us took some more phenomenal off-road paths and ended up in Great Sand Dunes National Park through the back entrance – absolutely gorgeous drive that most cars can probably not accomplish.  If you can, I highly recommend it.IMG_4501

The Sand Dunes are such a weird thing, totally out of place amidst the mountains and greenery that is the rest of Colorado but very majestic and powerful.IMG_4507

Knitting accompanied me and plenty of drive-time allowed me to make good progress on The Complicated Sweater which I will share with you once it’s completed!IMG_4331

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?


6 thoughts on “A Much Needed Weekend

  1. We most certainly had fun this weekend. Just think mini-marshmallow fight and bottle rocket wars on the river! I also got a lot of knitting done. Isabella’s sweater back is nearly complete.

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